Global Recycling Day: Eco Hacks to try

Global Recycling Day: Eco Hacks to try Today

Global Recycling Day: Eco Hacks to Try is Global Recycling Day so we thought we’d share a little about the day, plus a few tips on how you can up your recycling game. Together, we can all do a little more when it comes to recycling, so let’s get stuck in. Read on to find out more about Global Recycling Day and discover new eco hacks to try today…

A little about Global Recycling Day

Created in 2018 to help recognise and celebrate the importance that recycling plays in preserving and securing the future of our planet, Global Recycling Day is a chance for us all to come together with one goal in mind. The mission of Global Recycling Day, as set out by the Global Recycling Foundation, is twofold:

1. To tell world leaders that recycling is simply too important not to be a global issue, and that a common, joined up approach to recycling is urgently needed. 2. To ask people across the planet to think resource, not waste, when it comes to the goods around us – until this happens, we simply won’t award recycled goods the true value and repurpose they deserve. (Global Recycling Day) So now we know why, let’s look into how we can do more to become recycling heroes.

Recycling Schemes you never knew about

Lots more brands are wising up to the importance of recycling, and the need we have as consumers to be able to do it easily and without hassle. Yes, we all recycle at home, but there are some things we can’t put into our curbside bins- and that’s where in-store recycling schemes are invaluable! Here are some recycling schemes you probably never knew about:

  • Boots the Chemist: Get £5 worth of advantage points when you recycle five qualifying items. Register your interest and find out about your nearest participating store here.
  • M.A.C: get a free lipstick when you return six M.A.C primary package containers. Find out more here.
  • Marks and Spencer: Teaming up with Oxfam, M&S are recycling textiles and have to date collected over 20 million items worth an estimated £16million! ‘Shwop’ boxes can be found in-store and you can place your old clothes inside, which are then resold, reused or recycled. This scheme also runs in Oxfam stores, where you can earn a £5 Marks and Spencer clothing and home voucher when you donate an item of their clothing to the charity. Find out more here.

Lots of other high street clothing stores are starting to open up their own recycling schemes too- check online for details.

Surprising things you can recycle

There are some things we sadly cannot yet recycle, but its not all doom and gloom- because there are also some that can. And someof them might just surprise you…

  • Energy efficient fluorescent lightbulbs. A company called Recolight actually has many drop off points around the UK where you can safely recycle them, helping to reduce the amount that go to landfill each year.
  • Bicycles. An odd one, maybe. But did you know that each year millions of cycles are sent to landfill and that they contribute towards £360,000,000 worth of aluminium that does not go on to be correctly recycled. Instead of throwing away your bike when it reaches the end of its life, donate it to dedicated charities such as Re-Cycle– they’ll donate it to youth programs, communities and developing countries instead.
  • Computer parts and old mobile phones. So-called ‘e-waste’ makes up around 50 million tonnes of waste each year! Broken and un-used electronics tend to just get dumped, with only 13% being properly recycled. But it doesn’t need to be this way! Find out about your nearest e-waste recycling station here.

So, are you ready to be a Recycling Hero? Let us know your eco-hacks in the comments, or over on Facebook.