Healthy Eating on a Budget

healthy eating on a budget_ say that the best things in life are free, but we all know thats not strictly true- not when it comes to the weekly grocery shop, anyway! We’re huge advocates for healthy eating, and for eating foods in their most natural state as possible, and we believe that organic is truly the way to go. But we also know that buying organic can sometimes mean that the price of your shopping bill can sky rocket! But healthy eating really doesn’t have to mean being out of pocket. Here’s a really quick guide to healthy eating on a budget- do let us know your tips and tricks too!

Eat the seasons

Every month we bring you a seasonal guide to the best super foods of the month, and that’s because we believe 100% in eating the seasons. Fresh seasonal produce costs less because there tends to be an abundance of it, and therefore shops and markets don’t need to pay extra to import it. Keep an eye on foods that are in season now and you’ll find that shopping organically is not always that much more expensive at all.

Grow your own

We’ve also written about growing your own little organic produce patch, and really it is one of the best ways to keep your food bill down. Whether its herbs, veg, or fruit- growing your own is ideal if you want to eat fresh, natural foods but also want to stick to a tight budget.

Stay away from fast food

Not that it needs much explaining, but fast food is no good! And not just for the waist line either. Fast food is expensive, you don’t get much for your money at all (meaning you’re more likely to be hungry again soon after eating it) and the packaging used is often terrible for the environment too. Filled with sugar, salt and preservatives, fast food rarely does anything good for your body- steer clear!

Buy in bulk

Some foods can be cheaper if you buy in bulk, so its always worth checking out the special offers and deals at the local health store or market. As long as you can store it ok and you know you’ll use it in time, this is one of the most effective ways of keeping costs down.

Use your freezer

All that bulk buying you’re doing? Freeze it. Those crops you’re picking now that your spoils are in season? Freeze them. And buy frozen too- lots of health food stores now offer frozen organic foods that are just as good as fresh. And frozen food will last a lot longer, seeing as it has a longer shelf life too, meaning you throw less away in the long run. Things like organic spinach, organic fruits and organic vegetables can be bought fresh and frozen in portions to keep waste to an absolute minimum.

Make a realistic budget and stick to it…

… and this means meal planning too. If you know how much you have to spend, and what meals you want to get out of that budget, you’re less likely to end up buying random foods that will either go to waste or end up spoiling your healthy intentions.

What are your top tips for healthy eating on a budget?