Introducing the Special Edition SOS bar

Introducing our Special Edition SOS bar)

We’re all a little giddy with excitement here at Little Soap HQ as we recently welcomed a new addition to the Eco Warrior Range… introducing our brand new Special Edition SOS Hand & Body Bar! Without further ado, allow us to help you become a little more familiar with the newest member of the bar soap family…

What it is

The Special Edition SOS bar is another true champion and perfectly at home within our beloved Eco Warrior Range. Fragranced with a special blend of pure essential oils including Lime and Palmarosa, this one is great for all skin types- and we promise you’re going to love it!

The SOS bar produces a really creamy and rich lather that definitely leaves your skin feeling moisturised and beautifully cleansed, so it really is a great all-rounder.

What’s in it

As with all our soap bars, the SOS bar is 100% free from detergents, SLS, sulphates, alcohol sorbets, silicones and synthetic preservatives. It’s made from 99/9% naturally derived ingredients, is 100% vegan and plant-based, plus it too boasts the Leaping Bunny symbol for cruelty free. Again like all the other bars in our award-winning collections, the SOS bar is plastic free, eco friendly and biodegradable- that’s the soap and the packaging it comes in! It also contains RSPO certified sustainable palm oil, which leads us on to our next point…

Why the Special Edition SOS bar?

Regular readers of this blog and our loyal customers will already know that the Sumatran Orangutan Society (SOS) is a charity very close to our hearts. We fully support their efforts to help protect Sumatran Oranugtans and the forests they depend on for survival, and we’d be thrilled if you took a moment to head over to their website to read a little more about the vital work they do. To date, the SOS charity has planted over two million trees and reduced over 200 orangutans. They continue to work on new solutions for the issues facing orangutans in the wild- but they desperately need our help.

With every sale of our Special Edition SOS bar, we will donate 25p to the SOS so that they can plant seedlings in Sumatra. This means that, with your help, we can start to rebuild essential habitats for these beautiful creatures. it means that we can help to secure a brighter future for Sumatra’s organutans, forests and people. It means that we can all make a difference.

A word on sustainable palm oil

We’ve written before about the reasons behind why we use RSPO sustainable palm oil our products, and we’re always happy to answer any questions you might have about it all. That said, it’s always worth mentioning again our reasoning and why you might want to re-think your own stance on the topic.

We do not believe that boycotting palm oil is the answer – instead, we want to play our part in transforming the industry. We are a small company but we want to add our voice to the growing call for palm oil companies to produce responsible palm oil and stop clearing forests. Many companies around the world have made zero-deforestation commitments, and we are reaching a tipping point where demand for responsible palm oil will drive big changes in the way the oil is produced.

Little Soap Company has pledged to use only organic, certified sustainable palm oil in our products, which means that the palm oil has been produced without harming the rainforests that orangutans and so many other species depend on for their survival.