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Five Surprising Ways to use Bar Soap

Five Surprising Ways to use Bar Soap

Here at Little Soap it’s always been our mission to make good, natural bar soap accessible to all. And we’re huge advocates for living resourcefully too. Luckily, our soap leaves little room for waste, both in its production and it’s use! 

That said, we’re often asked what we recommend doing with the small scraps of soap that are left at the end of a bar (those slithers can be slippery little things, can’t they?!) and our response is always to either mash them all together to make a new bar, or pop them into a mesh bag to use as a shower scrubber. But this led us to thinking… what other uses can be put to the humble old soap bar? Here are just five surprising uses for bar soap:

Wash your body head to toe

We hate to start with the obvious, but there are still some out there who don’t realise just how amazing soap can be for the entire body. We’re talking hair and face, plus shaving too! Bar soap really is versatile and can be used to keep you squeaky clean all over!

For hair, we have our gorgeous award winning Eco Warrior for Dry Hair, our Eco Warrior Sensitive Scalp shampoo bar, as well as our Eco Warrior classic shampoo bar. And of course there’s also the Eco Warrior Men’s Edit shampoo bar too. 

And while any of our soap bars can be used on the face, we particularly like our Organic Unperfumed Bar Soap with Oatmeal if your skin is sensitive, or our Eco Warrior Clear Skin soap bar with charcoal, grape seed oil and anti-bacterial tea tree essential oil too. 

Last, but not least, we also have two amazing shaving bars that are just perfect for hair removal: the Eco Warrior Men’s Edit Shaving bar and the Eco Warrior original shaving bar. Both are designed to foam up beautifully, without SLS, and to soothe, moisturise and fragrance the skin perfectly. 

Natural Air Freshener

Beautifully fragranced bar soap makes an amazing natural air freshener! When you’re travelling, pop an open bar into your suitcase, for wonderfully fresh smelling clothes when you arrive. Then do the same thing when you return, placing the bar in with your dirty washing instead to make the laundry a little less unpleasant!

Five Surprising Ways to use Bar Soap

A good quality bar soap can be a great way to fill any room with delicate fragrance. Pop a bar in your drawer to keep clothes fresh, or just breathe in the aroma as you shower each morning. It’s a wonderful, cheap and easy way to freshen the air without the need for synthetic electric devices that can play havoc with your senses.

Our Grapefruit and Orange soap bars smell absolutely amazing and are great for really waking you up and giving you that zing you need to start the day. We also love our Lavender bar soap for its calming effects. We use pure natural essential oils to fragrance our soaps, so you know that there’s nothing nasty or synthetic about the beautiful aromas they create. Perfect!

Stain remover

Is there nothing that the humble bar soap cannot do? Got a grease stain? Soap. Got a stubborn mud stain that just won’t shift? Soap. Need to really scrub at that unidentified mark on the tablecloth from yesterday’s Sunday roast? Stop! Get the soap instead.

Just wet the stained area with cold water, then rub the soap bar directly onto the stain and allow to sit for a few minutes. Then use a soft cloth to gently rub, making a foam with the soap and really working at the stain to lift it. Then wash as normal, and voila! Genius.

We love using our Unperfumed Pure Olive Soap Bar for Sensitive Skin for this job, but any natural soap bar will work just as well. 

Five Surprising Ways to use Bar Soap

Preventing a foggy mirror

This one might be a little out there, but it really works! You know how mirrors fog up when you step out of the shower, so you give them a wipe and then later on you need to go back and really polish it up to get rid of the smears? Well, say good bye to all of that. Here’s what to do: 

  • Before you turn on the shower, rub a soap bar over the mirror gently, taking care to cover as much of the glass as you can. 
  • Then buff the soap away until the glass is clear. 

Now, when you shower the mirror won’t fog up. So clever!

We like using our Naturals Lemon Zest soap bar for this little job, as it leave the bathroom smelling ah-mazing!

Keep your nails clean

One for the gardeners among us! Before you head out to the mud and get your nails completely dirty, run them gently along a bar of soap. Make sure you get enough under the nails, and then go and do your thing. The result will be gorgeous smelling, clean nails that definitely won’t need scrubbing at all! 

The soap will form a protective layer under the nails to stop dirt and grease getting in there- all you need to do is rinse it away when you’re finished. We love using our Rose Geranium soap bar for this little task because it smells so beautiful! 

We know there are loads more environmentally friendly ways to use your bar soap, and we’d love to hear your suggestions too. Do let us know in the comments, or get in touch over on Facebook and Instagram.