Spotlight on the Little Soap Naturals Range

Spotlight on the Little soap Naturals week we’re shining a spotlight on the Little Soap Naturals range, following a recent facelift on the site. Don’t worry, the soaps are still of the same amazing quality you know and love- it’s just the packaging that has changed somewhat. Read on to find out what’s changed and why- plus our recommendations for your next Little Soap haul!

Changes to packaging

You’ll see our ever-popular Naturals Range has moved to a box and now boasts a totally plastic-free supply chain. We’re absolutely thrilled at how this range has been individually commissioned by various supermarkets (Tesco and Asda – thank you!) over time so that there was a more affordable choice on the shelf- that has always been our aim here at Little Soap, to make our products accessible to all. Yay!

What makes our Naturals range so special?

The Naturals range is free from all the same nasties as our organic bars and the only real difference is that we don’t use certified organic oils in these, which brings down the price for you, the consumer. Rest assured that we still only fragrance them with our own blend of pure essential oil,  so our promise to you remains the same – no synthetics in sight, vegan, cruelty-free and RSPO Certified Sustainable Oil and Made in GB! Win-win all round!

Highlights of the range

Of course, the whole range is worthy of your attention, but if we had to pick just a few of our top sellers to highlight today…

Peppermint & Eucalyptus barthis is the perfect soap to refresh and revive and makes a great addition to your daily skincare regime. Safe to use on hands, face and body it’s the only bar you need really! Peppermint is great for naturally cleansing and cooling the skin, while eucalyptus is known for its antibacterial properties, A winning combination!

Citrus & Lavender baranother bar perfect for use on hands, face, and body. The citrus and lavender is a best seller- and for good reason. The citrus kick in this bar helps to rejuvenate and to promote the skin’s elasticity while the lavender works to calm and soothe the skin.

Sweet Orange bar: this one is made with a bespoke blend of orange with just a hint of grapefruit, may chang, spearmint, and lemon. TheSpotlight on the Little soap Naturals grapefruit works to reduce redness and inflammation, while the may chang is a lesser-known ingredient with mild astringent properties. Combined with the soothing properties of spearmint and the antioxidant superpowers of lemon, this is one bar that certainly packs a punch when it comes to skincare!

Lemon Zest bar: we love this bar so much! Again, it’s suitable for use on hands, face, and body and this one is a real crowd-pleaser. With the natural cleansing properties of fresh lemons and fresh lemon peels, this bar soap is guaranteed to refresh, heal, and soothe. And it smells SO good too! 

Naturals gift pack: A perfect gift. Contains all four bars in the Naturals range and comes in a beautiful gift box. Great for the indecisive, or for those who- like us- simply love the entire range!

So, why choose the Naturals range?

Just in case you still need persuading, here are just three little reasons why you should choose the Naturals range at Little Soap.

Firstly, the cost. Natural soap can sometimes be a little more pricey than other, mass manufactured soaps. While we do appreciate that you mostly get what you pay for, we do also understand that we all have different budgets. The Naturals range is a more affordable option for many, simply because we don’t use certified organic oils- but our soaps are still of the highest quality!

Secondly, our Naturals range boasts a bar for all skin types, and is suitable for use on hands, face and body. That means you only need one bar, and one bar only. More space in the bathroom and less waste too… leading on to our third and final reason why this the range for you. Our Naturals range is now packaged in a nifty new box, and is part of a completely plastic free chain. Eco-friendly,. budget-friendly, skin-friendly. What more could you ask for?