Three Little Ways to Create an Eco Friendly Bathroom

Following on from previous posts on how to save water, and how to reduce plastic use in the bathroom, this week we’re delving a little further into ways that we can all be a littler greener at home. It’s easier than you think to live a more eco friendly life, and if we all start with small steps we’ll be taking great strides before we know it. Here are three little ways to create an eco friendly bathroom. Please do let us know your top tips in the comments, or find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and share across social too.

Install a low flow shower head

Ok, so it’s not really a small step, but it really isn’t as major a change as you would think. Low flow shower heads can be easily fitted, and the impact of using them can be immense. If you’re a fan of longer showers, reducing the amount of water that you use each time can makeThree Little Ways to Create an Eco Friendly a huge difference. Using a low flow shower head will not only save water, but it will reduce your energy bills too as you’ll be using less energy to heat the water too. A quick google search indicates that a low flow shower head can be installed in ten minutes, and won’t impact on the quality of your shower- the same amount of water pressure will be applied, you’ll just be using less. It sounds so simple now doesn’t it?

Save money, save water.

Invest in eco friendly products

There’s no place in an eco friendly bathroom for parabens and other nasties, so ditch them now! Use natural products where you can, and research green brands that take the protection of our planet seriously. Read this post on how to choose the products that are in line with your ethics, and this post for tips on switching up your current routine. It might be an idea to read this post on the basics of green beauty too.

Here at Little Soap, we’re very careful about the ingredients that we use in our products, and on this blog we offer DIY recipes for you to make your own beauty products at home using natural ingredients too. We’re passionate about reducing the amount of money the UK spends on unnecessary chemicals and additives, and we believe that good quality products belong in every single bathroom. Shop any of our Little Soap products and rest assured they fall in line with eco friendly standards. If you have any questions about the ingredients we use, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Greenify your cleaning routine

Cleaning the bathroom is one of those jobs you just have to do. Nobody enjoys it! But you don’t have to use chemicals and other nasty ingredients to get it sparkling and fresh. We’ve written before about the benefits of switching up your cleaning products for more natural ingredients instead, and we stand by this- even in the bathroom. Read this post on how to green your cleaning routine today, and this post for some fabulous green spring cleaning tips that work all year round.

Mass produced cleaning products are notoriously filled with chemicals that are not only flushed into our water systems, but dispersed into the air too. This means we’re all exposed to far too many nasty additives on a daily basis- this needs to stop! Create an all round eco friendly bathroom that does not require bleach or other chemicals in order to keep clean!

What are your top tips for creating an eco friendly bathroom?