Emma’s Edit – Natural Beauty Trends we Love this Autumn

Three Little DIY Beauty Recipes_LittleSoapCompany.co.ukWith Autumn just around the corner, we’re starting to see lots of new and exciting trends emerging, especially in the natural beauty arena. Here at Little Soap HQ we love embracing a new season and the trends they bring with them as we navigate a change in temperature and style. We’re always looking for new and exciting products, brands and practice to share with you guys- so we’re delighted to bring you Emma’s edit: natural beauty trends we love this Autumn. Enjoy!

Mindful skincare

Autumn 2020 will continue to push the mindful skincare regimes we’ve all been settling in to, with a few new ingredients added in to make the most of glowing skin as we leave the summer behind us. We’re talking choosing products and ingredients that benefit not only our skin, but that support a holistic approach to general wellbeing and health. No additives, of course, but ingredients that are especially suited to your individual body type and lifestyle. We’re also talking ingredients and products that support ethical sourcing and production practices.

This season we’re loving: fresh and hydrating cucumber for all its essential amino acids; minimal packaging (here at Little Soap we take our commitment to using as little packaging as possible very seriously. Read more here); the increased focus on the links between mental health and skincare – what we use on our skin and how we can for it has a huge impact on our mood and emotional well being and this is one trend we’re more than happy to embrace.

Slow beauty evolving to blue beauty

We talked about blue beauty in this post at the start of the year, and we’re thrilled to see that it’s a trend experts are predicting is here to stay. What more can we say, other than we applaud the big and small brands that are turning their backs on practices that have damaged our oceans and the planet. We’re saying yes to less packaging, less water waste and less ocean pollution.

This season we’re loving: our very own Eco Warrior range– plastic-free, eco-friendly, biodegradable product & packaging and 100% recyclable; Ren Skincare for its clean products packaged in bottles made from ocean-plastic; Lush, for its naked makeup range.

Simple skincare regimes

Image of our Unperfumed Bar Soap for Sensitive Skin.

It doesn’t need to be complicated, and this Autumn beauty trend is definitely one that highlights that. What you use on your skin this Autumn can be as simple as you please. You can use our bar soaps for a gentle facial cleanse (read this post for more information), eliminating the need for lots of bottles, potions, and lotions in your cabinet; you can follow with a simple splash of cold water and a good hydrating moisturiser and you’re done. Simple. Let your skin breathe and recover ready for winter.

This season we’re loving: our super kind to sensitive skin Unperfumed range; our Eco Warrior cleansing bars; our avocado oil bar soap perfect for sensitive skin.

Mindful spending

As Autumn approaches we’re starting to take stock of the unprecedented previous few months. Being in the depths of a global pandemic certainly opens your eyes to the things that are important in life! Alongside this, we’re seeing an increased awareness of reducing waste, lowering our carbon footprint, and supporting smaller brands- so the natural next step is to look at what we’re buying and how often. This is resulting in spending less overall- or making better investments into products that are going to last longer. The bottom line is this: this Autumn we’re going to be more careful about how and where we spend our money we’re going to be much more mindful of our spending and in ensuring we buy products that last.

This season we’re loving: bar soap– for it’s long-lasting, non-spill properties, making it the ideal replacement for liquid soaps; refillable bottles- invest in a jerry can to top up your favourite liquid soaps and eliminate the need to buy smaller bottles; DIY recipes- using natural ingredients to make your own skincare treats has always been a favourite here at Little Soap, and certainly helps to save the pennies.